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Back in 2019, two good buds were slugging some beers and naturally, the topic of Pokémon came up. Josh was astounded he could know someone as well as Tanner, yet he'd never even played Pokémon Gold & Silver. Josh had played nearly every game, and was a known Pokémon Master. As they lived in Brooklyn, it then became apparent that they needed to make a podcast documenting the experience of playing every single main series Pokémon game there is. Years later, they're still doing just that, week by week, gym by gym.

Our Hosts

Josh EXP Share Host

Tanner EXP Share Host

Josh Fjelstad

Tanner Greenring

Josh has been playing Pokémon ever since he convinced his parents that a Game Boy wasn't like an NES because he could still participate in family activities. That wouldn't prove true, but his love of the franchise is. His favorite type is Electric, his favorite Pokémon is still Mewtwo, and his favorite game is Pokémon Crystal.

Tanner has had a mild lifelong interest in Pokémon, but it wasn't until his good friend Josh dragged him kicking and screaming into podcasting about the games that he really learned to appreciate them, even thought plenty of Pokémon make him want to ew-make-me-barf. His favorite Pokemon is a three-way tie between Poliwrath, Gogoat, and Rotom, and his favorite game is Pokémon Conquest.