Bug Catcher T-Shirt

Rest in Petals T-Shirt

Josh & Tanner T-Shirt

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Wear your support for EXP. Share on your sleeve—or anywhere but shorts. Just don't get caught walking in the tall grass. Whether you've run a Nuzlocke or not, we've all had to say goodbye to our favorite Pokémon at some point in time. Send them off in style and show off your Petal Dance. Two titans of podcasting.

Joshy's Sweetie T-Shirt

Ew Make Me Barf T-Shirt

Mayor Cheat T-Shirt

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Now everyone can be Joshy's Sweetie. Whether it's a 'mon or a human, there is more than enough out there to make you barf.
Mayor Cheat / MissingNo 2024. Just don't get your hands caught in the Rare Candy Jar.